The legal psychiatric center in Trelleborg has been designed and built as a passive and plus energy house.
The 12,700 m² facility collects all highly specialized legal psychiatric care in Skåne. It´s owned by Regionfastigheter in Skåne. The legal psychiatric center is very energy efficient - with self-produced renewable energy, which gives a surplus of two kilowatt hours per m2 per year.
The legal psychiatric center has a highly insulated climate shield. In floors, exterior walls and ceilings, the thickness of the insulation is basically doubled in comparison with conventional technology. Windows with very good U-value have been selected. Because the house is very tight, good ventilation is a necessity. The building has ventilation air heat recovery with over 80 percent.
Passive houses usually get their heating of the energy generated by people and appliances in the house. In the legal psychiatric center, energy-efficient appliances, lighting and other appliances have been chosen and therefore the heat is not sufficient to heat the large areas. The low number of people in the building is an additional challenge.
The legal psychiatric center is heated and cooled - with geotechnical heat/cool and ventilation. Solar collector covers the hot water requirement between March and September. Wind turbines on the plot and solar cells on the roof produce electricity to the building.

Indicators energy
 Energy use 21 kWh/m2
 Renewable energy produced on the spot 23 kWh/m2
 Area solar cells 1 280 m2
 Area solar collectors 130 m2
 Power wind turbines 25 kW

Resources needed

The cost of energy production for self-consumption was 1.2% of the total construction cost for the legal psychiatric center. The solar cells cost 400 000 Euro, of which 125 000 Euro was financed through government grants. The wind power plant cost 125 000 Euro. The solar collectors cost 208 000 Euro

Evidence of success

Wind turbine annual production 70 000 kWh
Solar heating annual production 50 000 kWh
Solar cells annual production 240 000 kWh
Geothermal heating and cooling
Operating cost with conventional technology for approximately 12 700 m2 to 100 kWh / m2 gives 0,104 Euro / kWh a total of 132 300 kr.
With a plus energy house, we eliminate this entire operating cost
Thus, saving in reduced energy costs lands at 132 300 Euro / year.

Difficulties encountered

An experience regarding the energy system is that it takes long time before the geothermal system provides the best results.

Potential for learning or transfer

The legal psychiatric center is a building where several different sources of energy have been combined. This is a good example of a building that is both very energy efficient and has its own energy production. Others who plan new production of buildings can see how it works to combine different energy sources and how the system works. It a good example on national perspective in Sweden.

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Regionfastigheter Skåne
Sydsverige, Sweden (Sverige)
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