On 27th January 2021 PriMaaS project partners joint together in an online session for a Steering and Working Group Meeting with the agenda shown in the picture below. The main objective of the meeting was to make a state of progress of the implementation of the project, in a technical, financial and communication level and also to work and discuss together a few topics related to Mobility as a Service in each country.


Since the pandemic has brought some challenges to the initially planned execution of the project, this topic was also discussed in order to understand and how partners could overcome these barriers and ensure that objectives are still followed.

After that, now in a context of Working Group Meeting, Lead Partner brought he team “Covid in public transports” and which measures were used in each countries to promote sustainable transport in times of Covid-19, namely, to increase transports capacity, limit ridership to enable physical distance, Shift travel demand away from peak hours, and others.

Lead partner also shared the results of a survey that partners have recently completed and the topics "Multidimensional MaaS performance indicator" and finally the MaaS Table analysis of work that is being done lately.