On May 2021, Turin hosted the 2021 edition of the international conference Next Generation Mobility Conference, an event that aims to bring together stakeholders in order to design the future of mobility at the service of citizens. PriMaaS Project was one of the partners in the organization of this event, and organized a 2-hour session, moderated by Professor Margarida Coelho, University of Aveiro dedicated to the presentation of the project and discussion of several themes related to Mobility as a Service.

Vladimir Vorotovic, Senior Manager, Urban Mobility & MaaS opened the session with a presentation sharing ERTICO’s vision on MaaS ecosystem and left us with a reflection about the topic of the moment:

“There are other things besides COVID-19 that we must consider, such as recession or climate change. Reduction in pollution and improvement has been demonstrated through numerous MaaS pilots and studies. MaaS is supporting electric, connected and automated future, thus mitigating the impact of climate change.”

Bryan Mason, Multimodal Transport Solution took the audience back in time to 20 years ago, when he was involved in the creation of a virtual Agency to meet people's needs for virtually integrated services of public transport:

“The concept was easy, we wanted to be the next Bill Gates by creating an agency with one app, one point of contact to create all the demand. On that time we were using call centers and still building technologies because they did not exist yet. We had to build confidence that this Business Model would work, and get the confidence of policy makers, operators, the IT companies, the end users… and here we are 20 years later talking about MaaS and facing the same problems to prove that actually this could work.”

Afterwards we had a detailed presentation of the PriMaaS project by Eloisa Macedo, University of Aveiro. And we also counted with the presentation of some of the PriMaaS project partners, namely Julie Vinders, Sestran, who brought us her vision on MaaS in South Scotland and Mikko Vallbacka bringing important insights on their Regional plan for sustainable tourism.



 You can watch the whole recording of the session through this link: PriMaaS - NGM Conference