The fifth Italian Regional Stakeholder Meeting took place online on 07 June 2022, with the aim not only to share the project results with local stakeholders but also to widen and increase the exchange of experiences within the different MaaS realities. A special focus was then devoted to the Action Plan of Regione Liguria and TTS Italia, with particular reference to the main objectives and actions that will be implemented during phase 2 of PriMaaS, which will start in August 2022.

The meeting started with the thanks of Regione Liguria and the intervention of Liguria Ricerche, dedicated to the results of the PriMaaS project and to the Action Plan of Regione Liguria and TTS Italia, based on the theme of smart ticketing. It should be noted that the activities described in the Action Plan will be implemented via the Liguria Smart Ticket Project, partly financed by ROP Liguria ERDF 2014-2020. The project activities will be implemented by Liguria Digitale on behalf of Regione Liguria, also involving the main public transport companies in Liguria, which have signed a memorandum of understanding to implement the project’s objectives. Subsequently, TTS Italia focused on the description of key activities that PriMaaS partners will carry out during the second phase of the project, also mentioning the dissemination and knowledge exchange events that will take place during this phase and inviting meeting attendees to participate.

The second part of the event saw specific contributions from invited stakeholders in order to increase the effective exchange of knowledge on the topic of MaaS in the different local realities, with particular reference to the topic of e-ticketing.

The concluding phase of the meeting is dedicated to the MaaS4Italy initiative represented by TTS Italia. MaaS4Italy is financed under the PNRR (the National Recovery and Resilience Plan) with an initial budget of 40 mln euros, to which a further almost 17 mln were recently added. The first call for proposals granted living lab projects to the cities of Napoli, Milano and Roma. The second call, on the other hand, ended on 6 June and will involve three more metropolitan cities, while the third may also involve local authorities.

In this regard, TTS Italia emphasises how MaaS4Italy intends to involve not only cities but the entire territory, since it represents an important driver for the transformation of mobility, also by influencing the behaviour of individual users. Within the framework of this initiative the DS&SRF platform will be implemented, built and financed by the public sector to foster interoperability between MaaS operators and individual operators. Finally, TTS Italia invites stakeholders to the conference “MaaS4Italy: the future in Italy is Mobility as a Service” that will take place in Rome on 14-15 July 2022.

The last contribution to the discussion was from UnicoCampania, a consortium of Campania’s LPT companies founded in 1994 to manage public transport tariff integration in the city of Napoli, but eventually, operations scaled up rapidly, since as early as 2001 its activities were extended to the whole of the province of Napoli, and subsequently in 2003 to the entire Campania region. UnicoCampania, together with the metropolitan city of Napoli, was awarded ‘MaaS4Naples’ project, by the above-mentioned MaaS4Italy tender, which sees original contributions from MaaS integrator and MaaS operators. The MaaS integrator in this project is precisely Unico, which acts as an intermediary and collects all the data, which are then transferred to the national DS&SRF platform; thereafter, such data become usable by various MaaS operators (Unico as well as independent entities and universities).