PriMaaS Lead Partner participated in the Interreg Europe seminars on finance reporting, activities and results, and on communication that took place in Budapest, between the 21st and 23rd of January, 2020.

There were more than 70 representatives of Interreg Europe projects and various joint secretariat and financial managers. It was definitely an opportunity to share experience and learn more on how to deal with project management issues, financial reporting procedures, get insights on how to report activities and results to ensure quality in the report. It was also discussed how to effectively submit a good practice. The panel discussion was really inspiring, with lots of tips related not only to the project management, but also on how to deal with communication issues. It was highlighted the importance of early deadlines to fulfil progress report timely and a monitoring scheme regarding Project Partners activities and expenditure. The final day covered communication issues, with special focus on the importance of tailored messages and pictures in the dissemination of the Project vision, objectives and results. These seminars were very interactive, with several practical exercises, and allowed to share experiences.