The project partners had attended the first day of the Smart City Mindtrek 2020, an international technology conference and business expo, that was held in Finnkino Plevna, Tampere, Finland, and involved many participants from private and public sector, to tech companies, or academics. It was an opportunity to hear and learn state-of-the-art smart city strategies in what concerns digitalization, public transport ecosystem and MaaS issues. It also included an inspiring international panel discussion on “Smart Cities in a Changing World”. LP had presented PriMaaS main vision and objectives in the Mobility track.

The second day was devoted to the Building Capacity Workshop on “Open mindsets, open datasets”. It began with insights of the current MaaS situation and regulation in Finland, followed by a presentation by the Kyyti Group on the Nordic Mobility Innovation Platform. PPs also discussed some issues regarding the Baseline Assessment Report. The day ended with a study tour in the city area by bus to learn details on the tram, parking and other smart mobility solutions in the city of Tampere.

Finally, in the third day, PPs had the opportunity to learn a little bit more about the current MaaS and low carbon mobility research developed by the Transport Research Centre Verne of the Tampere University. In the Working Group meeting, PPs discussed that MaaS user-centric mobility solutions are needed as a part of the decarbonization of the passenger transport sector. The final part of this day was devoted to the Steering Group meeting, where PPs from Liguria Region participated via Skype, in which financial and communication issues were discussed.