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Spring of Regions4Food in Finland


It has been a spring full of action in Regions4Food project! Mappings,...

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Europe cooperates for digitisation in agrifood


STRIA organized its 2nd Regions 4Food stakeholder meeting on 30th April 2019, at...

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Regions4Food stakeholders met yesterday in Bulgary


Bulgarian Regions4Food stakeholders met in Pazardzhik on April 23rd

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Spanish Regions4Food stakeholders meeting in Seville


The 2nd stakeholder group meeting in Andalusia was held in Seville (Spain) on...

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The 2nd Stakeholder Group meeting has been postponed


The Emilia-Romagna Regions4Food meeting will be held on May, 7th

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First Regions4Food dissemination event in Bulgaria


On 9th April, 2019 in Plovdiv the first regional dissemination event for...

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Nearly 85% rural women are engaged in agriculture


On International Women’s Day 2019, the United Nations’ launched a global...

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Debate on opportunities for small farms at AGRA2019


PRA took part in discussions at a Round Table “Challenges and opportunities for...

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Acceleration services for Agrifood Start-ups


A Regions4Food partner, ASTER, will support local companies in delivering...

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Uptake of digital technologies in European industry


OECD study finds huge variation, by country and sector, in the use of digital...

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Are EU companies adopting digital technologies?


The report released by the EU Commission on July, 2018

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Regions 4Food | Newsletter #1


A selection of news from the first six months of project

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