The 3rd Interregional Learning Event of the SET-UP project took place in Sevilla and Malaga from 14 to 16 February 2017. Hosted by the Andalusian Energy Agency, this event included a workshop on smart grid project funding, several study visits to learn more about regional flagship projects and interactive exercises to exchange good practices and experiences.

Focusing on funding opportunities as a key factor in smart grid development and deployment, the workshop featured several presentations analysing this challenge under different perspectives. Starting from the policies and strategies adopted at the European and Spanish level, the agenda moved towards more concrete activities and examples presented by different type of stakeholders.

We can mention among others the A+ Programme, an incentive scheme supporting the sustainable energy development in Andalusia. Managed by the Andalusian Energy Agency, this Programme will allocate more than 30 M€ to the implementation of ICTs, the study of demand and energy management, as well as the implementation of sustainable initiatives supporting the use of renewable energy and improving the efficiency of the electric system.

Special attention was given to the importance of networks established at the regional level, such as the Regional Network for Smart Development in Andalusia, and the collaboration between the private and public sectors, as demonstrated by the Corporación Tecnológica de Andalucía.

Distributor network operators such as Endesa and the smaller distributors association CIDE presented their vision on smart grids development. The social dimension of smart grids was also analysed thanks to the presentation delivered by FACUA, a national consumers association, who identified some new challenges from a consumers’ standpoint.  

A representative of the Joint Research Centre, the European Commission's science and knowledge service, concluded the workshop by stressing the importance of the interregional cooperation in the implementation of the smart specialisation strategies and the achievement of energy priorities.