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Leintz Bailarako Ekiola: Arrasate's Energy Solution


Arrasate is a mid-size city located in Gipuzkoa, it is highly industrialized and...

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Piemonte's Energy Transition: Action Plan in Motion


The Action Plan developed by the Piemonte Region is based on the implementation...

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South Muntenia RDA's Regional training event


On Tuesday, May 23, 2023, the South Muntenia Regional Development Agency...

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Promoting RES in Lithuania


Lithuania is actively expanding its investments and demonstrating a strong...

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Wrapping Up SHREC: Conference Takeaways


On March 20, SHREC project partners and stakeholders gathered in Brussels,...

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The SHREC Project Closing Conference


The European SHREC project is coming to a close, and on March 20, stakeholders,...

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New study: legal models to involve citizens


In the framework of the SHREC project, SHREC project partner AURA-EE has...

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Regional dissemination and training event


On Thursday, February 23, 2023, the South Muntenia Regional Development Agency...

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Solar power in the north


Midnorrland is lagging behind in solar power production, nationally and...

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SHREC at the „Efficient Supply of Heat“ conference


The Slovak SHREC project team reported on energy communities and the best...

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SIEA highlighted European examples of local energy


Colleagues from the Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency (SIEA), the Slovak...

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Action Plans are getting published on the SHREC site


As the second phase of the SHREC project is coming, leaving behind the first...

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