The SMART WASTE Action Plan for Apeldoorn is now available!

Despite the successes of its policy Recycle Service 2025, the municipality of Apeldoorn (NL) still struggle with some issues, such as :

  • the placement of waste near the containers, due to full containers or to valves stuck;
  • the need to optimise waste collection processes, reducing CO2-emissions and achieving
    effective use of resources and a high service level.

Furthermore, the Municipality knows that the challenge towards 30 kg per person per year residual waste included among Recycle Service 2025 targets, requires extra effort in terms of waste prevention and re-use.

Therefore, to address these issues the Municipality of Apeldoorn has developed in the framework of SMART WASTE one Action based around two technology innovation measures: equipping containers with fill level sensors and building up a dynamic route planning.

This action consists of 3 steps:

  1. pilot test of fill-level sensors on a small number of containers (February 2020);
  2. upon successful completion of the pilot, equipment of all containers of the municipal area with fill-level sensor (March 2021);
  3. development of dynamic route planning, using data coming from fill-level sensors.

Thanks to this policy improvement, the Municipality of Apeldoorn will enhance the quality of local waste management services, with positive impacts on collection processes and cost effectiveness. This improvement will benefit the citizens and the local environment, triggering positive behavioral changes, with positive repercussions on waste littering and dumping prevention in Apeldoorn.

Read more on the three steps and their first results in the Action Plan Apeldoorn.

Picture from Wikimedia