For three years, the SMART WASTE partners have been investigating the real impact that innovative policy measures have on the effectiveness and sustainability of waste management procedures. For that purpose they evaluated the specific support to innovation in their territories, we exchanged experiences and ideas, identified numerous Good Practices...  And since February they also met for three study-visits that helped us better understand our local contexts and see relevant initiatives and actions in practice.

The SMART WASTE partners first virtually traveled to Apeldoorn (NL) where they got an insight on the waste management system of the municipality and some of its innovative practices like a dynamic route planning, or waste container fill level measurement. The second virtual visit was to  Sofia (BG), where they focused on the progress and future of waste management systems in Bulgaria and discovered good practices from three municipalities. And finally, they physically gathered in Klaipeda (LT), where they discussed lessons learnt and recommendations for public authorities intending to make their waste management policies smarter in three areas: technologies for waste collection; technologies for waste recycling (and measures for reuse); designing and monitoring public policies and measures for waste management. the SMART WASTE partners also visited a recultivated landfill site, exchanged on the challenges of municipal waste management in a UNESCO-protected area, and learnt how waste is collected in the historical centre of Klaipeda.

Exploiting the lessons learnt during the experience exchange process, the SMART WASTE partners prepared Action Plans. These roadmaps include actions that will be carried out to improve partners' policy instruments and bring more innovation within waste management procedures on their territories. Those Action Plans are ready, you can discover them here!

And now, the SMART WASTE partners will have one year to turn them into reality and give life to the changes imagined! Make sure you keep an eye on this website to follow this new chapter of the SMART WASTE adventure and see the concrete outcomes of the project.