The SMART WASTE Action Plan for the Municipality of Kolding is now available!

Through its involvement in the SMART WASTE project, the Municipality of Kolding has been working extensively on how to improve the planning, execution and evaluation of its Waste Management Plan and the many actions and projects that follows in its execution.

This gave birth to an ambitious instrument: the Project Toolkit.

The Kit provides a set of tools to guarantee common standards for aspects such as target stakeholder involvement, success criteria and evaluation plan, communication and finance. It sets standard procedures, e.g. creation of working groups/Steering Committees to ensure regular discussion/monitoring.

Taking advantage of the relatively small size of its organisation, the municipality of Kolding could quite soon, between July 2021 and March 2022, test on the field and adjust the Project Kit. Following this, three steps are left:

  • August 2022: anchoring and implementing the Project Kit for continuous use
  • September 2022: political approval of the improved Waste Management Plan (WMP)
  • October 2022 - July 2023: implementation of the new WMP and related projects by using the Project Kit

Are you curious to know what this Project Kit consists of? Read the Action Plan Kolding!

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Hubertus, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons