As we reach the end of the project, we have asked the project partners to summarise their main learnings and results from the project and how they have benefited from being part of an Interreg Europe project.


We have acquired a better understanding of the gaps (real and perceived) in the business support system as viewed by the eco-innovative SMEs from and an actionable overview of the support system.


The SME interviews and the support system overview has clarified the need for projects focused on internationalization for eco-innovative SMEs. Two projects has been initialized. One focusing on bio-innovative startups and an ecosystem for these. And one, focusing on pitch training SMEs to pitch for large companies in e.g. the food sector.


Our participation in the Super project have given us an analytical way to plan new actions and projects. In midst of an ongoing redesign of the business support system, it has been very becoming to received inspiration from all of Europe.