The first SUPER stakeholder meeting in Greece took place on the 21ST of February 2022. Eight (8) participants from the stakeholders’ side were present.

At the beginning, the project manager, Mr Tsiamitros Dimitris and the Technical Manager Mr Stimoniaris Dimitrios welcomed all and proceeded to the briefing of the stakeholders regarding the aim of the SUPER project during the extension period.

Then the technical consultant Mr Kostas Karamarkos presented to the stakeholders the questions to the enterprises, to the EEN-Hellas and to the MA of the ROP WM that should be answered during the meeting, referring to the effects of the COVID period to the enterprises and to the other side, that of the MA of the RO PWM and to the EEN.

These questions for the enterprises were:

What were the consequences of the pandemic to;

• raw material;

• personnel;

• production;

• investement plans;

• products and services;

• markets;

• exports;

• Similar enterprises in general;

For the MA of the ROP WM and the EEN-Hellas:

The support from the state to the enterprises was;

• Sufficient;

• To the right direction;

• Is there a need for further planning for the next months regarding the pandemic effect;

• Were there any good practices;

There was an extensive discussion that lasted for more 3 ½ hours, since every participant had to address those questions. The general conclusion was that the participated enterprises were positively affected by the pandemic, since the demand from the HORECA sector decreased a lot, but the retail sector covered and overcame that recession, with a positive finally effect on the food and wine section. The food sector increased the supply to the internal market and the wine industry increased the exports share.

The state support presented great delays, according to the enterprises, but the MA of the ROP WM claimed that these delays are due mainly to the pandemic lockdowns and inability to contact the interested parties and due to the delays from the central services.

The UoWM is finalising the semi-structured interviews by the end of February 2022 and then will proceed in analysing the results and prepare the project report.