Our Danish colleague - Jonas Orts Holm - has been responsible for organizing the 6th interregional meeting. At this two days meeting partners and stakeholders discussed the mid-term results of the work with the action plan.

On Tuesday, 20th, partners met at Phoenix Hotel in Copenhaguen. Partners had the opportunity to learn from Julian Jespersen - Special Adviser, Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs - how the Danish support system was so far and the new design of the Danish Business support system. The focus was on the changing process of the system from regional to national basis, recentralizing most of the competencies. Rigth after the presentation and discussion, partners met at the Steering Committee. The next milestones and deadlines of the project's activities were set up.

The main activity was a Workshop on Wednesday 21st. The workshop was led by the advisory partner - Linkoping University - who simulated a dinamic role play where partners give feedbach to each other and learn from other approaches. Wearing a red, yellow, green cap or sunglasses ( the audience have chosen to take different roles such as the SME, The Regional representative, The EU administration officer, The Constructive negative and the Positive supportive) was a dinamic and fun way to exchange knowledge. Each partner presented its plan focusing on the issues to improve and the way that it will be done. 

It was a great time for all the partners to met again and to keep on learning and developing each Regional Action Plan. 

Next Stop: Utrecht (Netherlands) on march where it will take place the final interregional dissemination event for phase 1 of the project. Each partner will present its Regional Action Plan. All fo you are welcomed to join us. We are waiting for you!!!