Lithuanian innovation centre (LIC), inspired by green & innovative good practises and success stories learned throughout the project, in cooperation with The Ministry of Economy and Innovation reviewed “Eco-Innovation LT” instrument, aimed at supporting non-technological eco-innovations, and prepared the recommendations on the possible improvement of this instrument.

Taking into account the vital importance of business involvement when it comes to living in harmony with nature through innovative solutions, public institutions should encourage companies to adopt sustainable technologies and develop green products. By the spirit of this objective, LIC has offered several improvements to the financial instrument “Eco-Innovation LT”. First, the minor social insurance debt should not be considered as financial difficulty. Second, SMEs with minor debts (up to 150 euros) should be eligible to participate in “Eco-innovations LT” call. Finally, the labelling and certification of ecological products should be included in the list of supported activities. Due to these improvements, more companies in Lithuania will be able to take advantage of this instrument.