The international event "State of Renewable Energies in 7 European Regions" organised by Arsial took place on 25 February 2021.

During the meeting, which due to the pandemic crisis was held remotely and attended by about 70 people, 4 videos were projected, specially produced for the event, two of which described the Best Practices selected in Lazio region, Italy (Maccarese S.p.A. and Tularù):

"AgroRES is a project that is very important for us because the development and implementation of renewable energies in agriculture and rural areas is a priority of our policy. I would therefore like to thank all the partners involved, who are enabling an exchange of best practices that is fundamental for promoting ever greater awareness of sustainability," said Arsial President Mario Ciarla, who brought the Agency's greetings in the welcome video.

After this, seven speakers took turns to represent the state of renewable energy in agriculture in their regions: AGENEX - Extremadura Energy Agency (Spain) together with 6 other partners: Lubelskie Voivodeship (Poland), Devon County Council (Great Britain), Regional Council of North Karelia (Finland), Bucharest-Ilfov Regional Development Agency (Romania), Institute of Technology, Sligo Northern and Western Regional Assembly (Ireland). A varied picture emerged, with lights and shadows, confirming the extreme topicality of the subject. 

Dina Maini, head of AgroRES for Arsial, concluded: "We are 'riding the wave' with this project. The Next Generation EU plan (Recovery fund), in fact, has relaunched the objectives of the Green New Deal, allocating for them as much as 37% of the funds ".

 The analyses presented during the webinar will be the basis for the next important product of the project: 7 action plans (one for each region involved) to optimise and promote Renewable Energy in agriculture.