Thanks to the exchange of good practices and the experiences acquired in the AgroRES project, we discovered a lack of development of energy communities in Lazio region.

In the second and final phase of the AgroRES project, we composed an action plan that proposes implementation of a help desk service to support rural communities, and in particular bio-districts, in the development of energy communities through regulatory, technical, and financial consultancy.

The help desk service was activated in January 2023. We have already received some requests and organized several meetings so far. In July, we continue arranging meetings with the bio-districts and other local entities interested in creating energy communities.

Simultaneously with the start-up of the help desk, the region issued a call for tenders related to the Energy Communities Public Notice for the realisation of technical-economic feasibility studies of renewable energy communities, approved by Determination no. G18124 of 19 December 2022, and Dr. Dina Maini from Arsial was called to participate in the work of the commission that would approve the final list of financing for the planning expenses.

The experience gained through the help desk so far already allows Arsial to make some proposals to the policy maker. The list below will be updated after completion of our meeting round with the local communities, scheduled for July 2023.

I. Proposal – Information plan on CERs (Renewable energy communities)

From the contacts we have received through the help desk, it emerges that there is a lack of specific information on CERs.  Arsial intends to carry out an information plan on CERs, and a possible new call addressed to farmers and rural areas in general for project proposals concerning the development of renewable energies.

II. Proposal – Guidelines for drawing up a list of operators in the sector

There is a widespread difficulty in identifying actors able to support potential communities in technical and administrative matters. There is also a difficulty in accessing non-refundable credit for construction of plants. It is proposed that sector agreements be created between the region and operators in the sector, subdivided by competence (administrative, technical, financial, integrated) such as ESCOs, ESPCs, registers of energy managers, etc.) to compose a list of operators affiliated or accredited with the region, to which interested citizens and communities can be referred.

III. Proposal – Training courses for operators in the sector

The region could promote training courses to develop new professionals with new skills, capable of accompanying the formation of CERs and the ecological transition more generally.

IV. Proposal – mapping of renewable energy resources

We have discovered a need to trace the renewable energy resources in the area, and to proceed with a georeferenced mapping of them, to involve them in the establishment of a possible community.

V. Proposal – revision of award criteria scores of the call

If a need would arise to issue a call for project proposals similar with the one that has just been concluded, certain changes will be suggested to the criteria and scores assigned.

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23 Jan 2023 Help Desk set up by ARSIAL (Italy) is active