The Help Desk foreseen in the Action Plan of the Interreg Europe Agrores project by Arsial is active. Arsial has set up the AgroRES Help Desk as a part of the AgroRES project ( ) with the aim of supporting communities in rural areas in the establishment of CERs (renewable energy communities) with a technical, financial and administrative assistance service.

For the Help Desk, the mailbox [email protected] has been activated to which you can send your questions. A series of meetings will be organized in mixed mode to raise awareness of the new service offered by the AgroRES Help Desk.

The first meeting with a focus on bio-districts is on 26th January 2023 at 15:00. The meeting will also be an opportunity to talk about the Public Notice for the realization of technical-economic feasibility studies of renewable energy communities in Lazio, approved by the Infrastructure Directorate of the Lazio Region with resolution no. G18124 of 19 December 2022, published in the Lazio BUR n. 105 of 22 December 2022, expiration date in February 2023. You can attend the meeting online or in attendance at Presso la Direzione Generale di Arsial, Via Rodolfo Lanciani, Rome, Italy.