AgroRES Steering Committee held its meeting online 7 July. All the partners were presented in the meeting.

AGENEX gave technical and financial review of the project progress with a conclusion that project is progressing on its timetable with some adjustments made due to covid-19. As project semester 4 is being finalised by the end of July 2021, semester 5 activities were reviewed. In addition, Regional Council of North Karelia reviewed communication and dissemination activies.

During semester 5 starting in August, the key task for each partner will be to develop an action plan based on the interregional learning and sharing in order to improve chosen policy instrument in their region. Good practices identified in the AgroRES project will serve as one source for lessons learnt to be used in formulating action plans together with local stakeholders.

During the meeting, an action plan workshop was held between the partners. Each partner presented a policy instrument which they want to influence with the action plan. Also first ideas for the action plan were presented by each partner. Based on the workshop it can be concluded that AgroRES has already contributed to a great amount of interregional learning and sharing! Moving to formulating action plans based on interregional learning is, in consequence, a highly expected step in the project.