AgroRES stakeholders met in North Karelia on 27 January and 28 February 2022. Regional AgroRES action plan was the main topic of both meetings. The action plan will eventually include one strategic level action: Supporting renewing Climate and Energy Programme and its Implementation Plan in the field of renewable energy in agriculture and rural areas. This action will widely encompass advancing renewable energy in the region as it affects also projects to be funded in the region. 

Besides the regional action plan, the upcoming AgroRES activities were discussed in both meetings. Stakeholders presented current news on renewable energy from their background organisations. Both meetings were attended by one person from the AgroRES project staff and by four stakeholders. The meeting on 27 January was arranged fully remotely due to covid-19 situation and the meeting on 28 February was arranged as a hybrid meeting involving in-person and remote participants. The next stakeholder meetings were agreed to take place in April 2022.