The 5th Interregional Event of AgroRES project took place in Rome, Italy, on June 14th and 15th 2022. It was organised by Project Partner 6 – ARSIAL. The Interregional Event was divided into two-stage. The first was held on Tuesday when each partner had the possibility to present their action plan and the lead partner AGENEX organised the last Steering Committee. The second stage included technical visits. Project partners had the chance to visit the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (ENEA) and to know more about a Thermodynamic Solar Plant and a Solar cooling plant.

After this Interregional event, phase 1 of AgroRES project is coming to an end. Thanks to interregional learning process, and the exchange of experiences and knowledge, all project partners have developed their respective action plans for phase 2 of the project. All the action plans have the same common objective, to promote the use of renewable energies in agriculture and rural sector in partner regions. AgroRES project has worked three years on this concept, identifying 70 good practices, developing 7 regional self-assessment documents and finally 7 regional action plans. All these actions have been carried out through international learning process achieved thanks, in part, to the Interregional Events organized during phase 1 of the project held in Spain, Ireland, Finland, the UK and the last one in Italy.

Learn more about the event in Italy here.