AgroRES stakeholders have had frequent meetings in spring 2022 in North Karelia to discuss the action plan and the progress of the project. The meetings took place on 29 March, 16 May and 21 June 2022. The first meeting was arranged only in remote format due to covid-19. The other two meetings were arranged in hybrid format with participants attending them either being physically present in the meeting or online. The meeting on 21 June was the final event of the AgroRES stakeholders in North Karelia for the project phase 1 of AgroRES project.

Regional action plan was discussed in all the meetings. In the last two meetings the final action plan was presented and discussed with the stakeholders. AgroRES action plan in North Karelia consists of one action, improved governance of funding renewable energy projects in the field of renewable energy in agriculture and rural areas in line with the revised and updated Climate and Energy Programme and its Implementation Plan. This action plan will be implemented during phase 2 of the AgroRES project.

North Karelia participation in the interregional events was also discussed in the meetings. In the meeting on 16 May, participation in the Interregional Event in Exeter, Devon region, the UK was presented and learnings from the event were discussed. Particularly biogas development in Devon region raised interest in the AgroRES stakeholders in North Karelia. In the meeting on 21 June, participation and learnings from the Interregional Event in Rome, Lazio region, Italy was discussed. Both thermodynamic solar plant for heat production and solar cooling plant that we visited in Italy sparked discussion in the stakeholders in North Karelia.

The meeting on 29 March was attended by six stakeholders, the meeting on 16 May by five stakeholders and the final meeting on 21 June by five stakeholders. All the meetings were also attended by one person from the AgroRES project staff. The stakeholders will also be involved in phase 2 of the project.