During the International Fair AGROEXPO, one of the most important agricultural fairs for agribusiness industry, AGENEX had the chance to organise the First Stakeholder Meeting of AGRORES into this event on 30th January 2020.

The agenda of the event started with an introduction of AgroRES Project, reviewing the mains objectives, the pasts and futures activities and the expectation about the final Action Plan.

After that, AGENEX reviewed the situation of the grants and subsides for Renewable Energies, analysing how was in the past and in the present. This produced a debate where the attendances had the opportunity to give their point of view and the first barriers that still remain to be overcome was begun to identify. RESINDUSTRY project was presented, highlighting the benefits for Extremadura and the possibilities of the biomass for the industry sector (most industries in Extremadura are dedicated to the transformation of goods from the primary sector).

Following the agenda, the manager of ITB gave some examples of how the biomass could help in the economy of the agricultural sector. The farmers could reduce the energy costs using the residual of agriculture as a fuel.

Further, the Mayor of Monterrubio de la Serena explained a good practice from their town. Through the use of a centralized heat network, the thermal energy for heating and domestic hot water to several public building is distributed. For the generation of thermal energy, two Biomass boilers of olive bone were had been opted for the installation.

Finally and regarding the success of the First Stakeholders Meeting, where all the attendances wanted to improve the Renewable Energy in Extremadura, AGENEX proposed to organize the second event where in a renewables debate the stakeholder from the public sector, energy business, agricultural cooperatives or from private enterprise, can give their point of view and comment on the improvement needs of Renewable Energy in the agricultural sector.