One of the Bucharest-Ilfov regional stakeholders of the AgroRES project, Wieser Consult, together with one of his partners, AGROPOWER Green Energy offers integrated solutions for renewable energy in agriculture, in order to obtain energy from residual agricultural biomass using straw and other plant residues.

Romania is one of the EU countries with the biggest natural potential regarding RES, considering the balanced and mixed energetic possibilities of our country. Some studies conducted in Romania highlight biomass for making up approximately two thirds of the potential of green energy production. However, the most important potential of Romania remains that of agricultural biomass, an important fixed carbon source for which there are no organized collection practices in Romania.

Even though the media often focuses on solar and wind energy, the reality is that energy from biomass covers more than 60% of renewable energy consumption in the European Union, a share that is constantly growing and is expected to increase in the future. The technological concept of AGROPOWER Green Energy biomass plants is based on using the agricultural residues as fuel for energy production instead of using fossil fuels, thus contributing to the reduction of CO2 and GHG emissions. The most important fact to mention is that, compared to biogas technology, which uses corn as the main raw material, agricultural residues do not compete with human and animal food. In general, straw and other residues are not yet used and, in many cases, are burned in the field.

Wiener Consult offers complete services and products, "one-stop-shop" type for planning, designing, authorizing and starting production, providing ready to use technological solutions, in cooperation with local technical partners and international technology suppliers.