The main objective is to interactively generate reports that can be useful to implement possible solutions to the current situation of potential users in the area of water reuse or to access examples available in AQUARES that may be related to the above said situation.
For this, a relational database has been implemented in the Access Database Management System (DBMS) that allows to relate the different contents studied in AQUARES, and a window-type environment to generate a report of the user's situation by answering four questions. The database is implemented under this technology due to its advantages over other technologies:

• The application can be used with a simple download of the file, running it locally on their own PC. This way, the user has the possibility of generating various reports, which can be kept for reuse, without the need for any type of installation.

• Its development allows the use of the most widely used DBMS in the world. Furthermore, it can be run on any PC that has Access or its free runtime installed.

• The conceptual scheme designed will allow us to scale the AQUARES interactive database to an application on a multi-user web server, with the advantage of being able to store the reports created by various users and thus be able to generate usage statistics, identify general needs of the users, etc.


The toolkit manual

A4.1 guide on the evaluation on water reuse