This a creative solution to avoid that the dirt dragged away in heavy rains, can reach the sensitive water bodies and in special our salty lagoon called Mar Menor.
This facility has a double function, on the one hand it is a garden park, and in the other hand it has the function of collecting water for being cleaned, acting as a storm tank.
The evacuation of the first runoff waters during episodes of heavy rains,  in addition to improving the landscaping and urban furniture, it increases the value of the free spaces on which it acts.
The choice of a “green” infrastructure (SUD) also has the advantage that, after the maintenance work, the citizen will be able to see the magnitude of the flows that are regenerated in each episode and the waste removed and not dumped, which is a component of environmental awareness.
 The park has inside some channels that surround it with the purpose to collect water and lead it to a drainage point, where the water is introduced to some compartments placed under the park, whose function is to retain dirt.

The stored water is pumped to the municipal Waste Water Treatment Plant so as to be purified, and reused for agricultural purposes.
In the initial stages of the project, it was projected to store much more water, but due to other nearby works dedicated to this same function, the priority has been given to collecting dirt before that reaches vulnerable wáter bodies.