The European Commission has approved the program European Funds for Łódzkie 2021 - 2027. This means that both actions planned in the Regional Action Plan of the Lodzkie Region under the AQUARES project have been implemented.

The Lodzkie Region planned two actions in its RAP:

1.    incorporation of solutions supporting efficient and rational water management within the Programme European Funds for Łódzkie 2027 (FEŁ2027).

2.    taking comprehensive actions for adaptation to climate change within the Programme European Funds for Łódzkie 2027 (FEŁ2027).

Actions from RAP for Łódzkie Region are included in  European Funds for Łódzkie 2021-2027 Programme:

Priority 2: European Funds for Green Łódzkie
•    Specific objective RSO2.4: Promote climate change adaptation and prevention of risks associated with natural disasters and catastrophes, resilience, with an ecosystem approach;
•    Specific objective RSO2.5: Promote access to water and sustainable water management;
•    Specific objective RSO2.6: Supporting the transition to a circular and resource-efficient economy.

For the implementation of the tasks listed in the above specific objectives, Lodzkie Region will allocate more than 130,000,000 million euros from the ERDF (at the moment it is not possible to estimate what part of this amount will be allocated to activities directly related to the recovery and reuse of water).