Los Alcázares is a town located next to a salty lagoon whose its high salinity content, high water temperature, situation of almost closed to the Mediterranean Sea. The becomes the Mar Menor lagoon in an jewel of biodiverstiy, but in turn, it is also very vulnerable to the pressures of its environment as to be a wáter catchment area of a great surface of land to which is added, the increasing of its population in the vacation months, For all those reasons, it is essential in case of heavy rains to avoid that water drags dirt to the Mar Menor.

Los Alcázares is often threatened by episodes of floods, such as those that happened in September 2019 in which 400 l/m2 were overtaken in only one day, having been repeated (although with lower rain intensities) several times later.

In the specific area where external basins converge, substancial knock-on damage emerges in case of heavy rain, why it is essential to reduce the overflow as much as possible, and avoid that these first waters at the beginning of the heavy rains do not drag the dirt collected on the streets towards the Mar Menor.