The Action Plans developed in 9 countries are to be launched and fully implemented from September 2021 onwards, which will lead the improvement of policies related to the water reuse in Europe.
An action plan is a document providing details on how the lessons learnt from the cooperation will be implemented in order to improve the policy instrument tackled within a given region, in the case of AQUARES 9 regions of Europe. The document specifies the nature of the actions to be implemented, their timeframe, the players involved, the costs and funding sources all in cooperation with regional stakeholders.
Action plans were prepared during phase 1 of the project, based on the experiences and best practices shared among partners. They are then implemented mainly during phase 2.  All plans developed can be found on
The partners' action plans have been approved across the consortium and reflect the needs of each region for the use of grey water. In the second phase of the project, the partners will focus primarily on the implementation of activities that are necessary to achieve the goals each region has earmarked. These are ambitious plans cover a wide range of water management issues. Topics such as: Guidelines for municipalities on sustainable and integrated stormwater management, integrate international solutions into to the Policy instruments with European Funds, new Water reuse plants, school campaigns about the importance of water sources protection, floodable parks in different municipalities, rainwater drainage improvement, promotion of efficiency in water management through the implementation of water reuse strategies in tourism facilities, support for municipalities and businesses to develop bluegreen infrastructure projects, etc. All these actions will require considerable funds for their implementation coming from different sources, at present these action plans represent a mobilization of more of EUR 39 million.