In order to protect groundwater as a resource, the Oldenburgisch-Ostfriesische Wasserverband (OOWV ) is striving for innovative water reuse of municipal wastewater for industrial purposes. Within the Action Plan of the project AQUARES the OOWV stated that by reusing the wastewater, a considerable share of the annual industrial water demand can be covered, which is associated with a permanent protection of the groundwater and a corresponding benefit for the environment.

Within the Action Plan the OOWV describes the action of a large-scale implantation of a water-reuse plant. The construction of a large plant requires some planning steps and large investments. Therefore, it is good to be able to build on already existing experiences of the partners. The AQUARES project partners from Spain and Malta have reported in AQUARES on their successful experiences of water reuse with the ultrafiltration/reverse osmosis process chain. Now a first step in achieving the goals of the Action Plan is made in Brake.

The number of industrial operations at the port of Brake is growing. This also increases the demand for water. However, water of drinking quality is not always required, so OOWV will in future also supply so-called service water to the industrial area. Wastewater is treated so that it meets the requirements for drinking water. This process will take place close to the site at the OOWV wastewater treatment plant in Brake. The required reprocessing plant will soon be built here. At the same time, OOWV is laying a separate service water pipeline into the port area and thus to the consumers. This construction is important because service water and drinking water must be kept strictly separate.
“As a water supplier, we are obliged to supply the required quantities," explains Olaf Sonnenschein, OOWV regional manager for the Wesermarsch and Cuxhaven districts. "We are pleased that more and more of our industrial and commercial customers are interested in service water. We are in many good discussions. With the pipeline to the port of Brake, we are taking an important step towards conserving groundwater as a resource while still fulfilling our mandate."

Construction of the water reuse plant is to begin as soon as the area at the Brake wastewater treatment plant has been prepared accordingly. The preparatory measure will be carried out in close coordination with the Lower Nature Conservation Authority of the Wesermarsch district. The trees on the site will be removed and the nests, tree hollows and nesting boxes found during the inspection of the woody plants for habitats relevant under species protection law have been moved to suitable areas in the surrounding area. The preparatory work began in early March and will be completed well before the start of the breeding and setting season on April 1st. OOWV has budgeted around 38,000 euros for the compensation work on a compensation area in the Wesermarsch.