On the 27th and 28th April 2021, the Sustainability and Environment Department of Consell de Mallorca organised an online event gathering all CHERISH partners to assess three good practices.

The first good practice was related to the participatory process of the creation of the Maritime Museum of Mallorca, a transversal working method in which the whole museum project was involved. It is an ongoing practice that encourages and promotes dialogue with stakeholders and society.

The GÀLIBS project is focused on the conservation and protection of the richness of the trade of Mallorca shipbuilders. The aim is to preserve part of this know-how through the compilation of templates (called “gàlibs” in the local language) from wooden boats designed by shipbuilders. This process will be helpful to obtain as much information as possible on abandoned and structurally unsound boats. 

The third good practice concerns drafting and implementing a Decalogue of Good Practices on the Sea in Mallorca. It is a discussion paper about maritime culture in Mallorca to promote values and actions for enhancing the relationship between society and the sea. The document, drafted in collaboration with the maritime community, intends to reinforce the relationship between population and the sea through the care of the environment, heritage and cultural setting and, at the same time, improve the knowledge on the topic. The values promoted are focused on the following issues:

  • Contribute to preserve the maritime heritage
  • Limit the use of plastics
  • Respect Posidonia
  • Learn the sea dictionary
  • Follow the Associations in defence of Latin sealing
  • Ask people of the sea
  • Eat local fish
  • Appreciate the trades of the sea
  • Claim for women of the sea
  • Would you like to participate in the Blue Week?

For more: check this great video!

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