The Municipality of Kavala hosted on Monday 6 and Tuesday 7 June 2022 a meeting to further discuss several Good Practices applied in the area. 

The participating representatives from the Municipality of Middelburg (NL) and from the Riga Planning Region (LV) visited the area of Kavala, Peramos and Keramoti. They toured the laboratories of the Fisheries Research Institute (INALE) and discussed issues related to the practices of responsible fishing while being informed about new projects such as the development and fishing of octopuses.

They also investigated the facilities of fishermen in the lagoon of Nestos, with the support of the Agricultural Fisheries Cooperative, lived the fishing experience themselves and were hosted in the National Parks Management Unit of Delta Nestos, Vistonida, Ismarida and Rodopi where lagoon products, various practices related to fishing and tourism and education were discussed. The last stop of the two days was at the Naval Museum of Kavala where the guests got to know the history of Kavala through shipping documents, accessories, instruments, traditional tools, replicas and paintings.

The meeting deepened the practices of the fishing communities and the actions of the region and the organizations in the fisheries sector, in the light of the preservation of the fisheries cultural heritage. Participants exchanged views and practices while identifying key common issues that are evident across Europe such as allowance policy, low funding for the fishing profession and lack of training activities.

It was a special pleasure for the Municipality of Kavala to host such actions which not only make further visible the city of Kavala and the Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Region in the national level, but they also promote the beauties of Northern Greece abroad.

Special thanks to Mr. Andreas Karagiorgis - REMTH, Dr. Manos Koutrakis - INALE, Ms. Anastasia Mirli - Management Unit, Mr. Christos Tzanakos - Maritime Museum, Ms. Lily Lymperopoulou - CLLD LEADER Kavala, and Mr. Arvanitakis Stavros and Michalis Daraktsis – Lagoon Cooperative.