Maintaining Traditional Ecological Knowledge of Fisheries in Europe through the 2020s

A Policy Brief in the CHERISH Project

This policy brief highlights the endangered role of Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) across Europe. In this brief TEK is associated specifically with small-scale fisheries (SSF) maintaining cultural heritage. The brief positions the knowledge in a wider context of sustainability and heritage and offers action points to improve the status and renewal of TEK. 

Role of Traditional Ecological Knowledge in the Fisheries Cultural Heritage in Europe

Small-scale fisheries (SSF) are often also cultural fisheries, i.e. maintaining cultural heritage. They still survive across Europe but face challenges posed by the transformation of the fishing industry, climate and environmental change and pressure from tourism. At the same time these fisheries are recognized as having a valuable role in sustainable development. They also carry unique heritage in the form of detailed ecological knowledge, practices and understanding of long-term environmental change. This builds on daily observations at sea and on water, storytelling and place names.

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