Final CHERISH conference on 8 November 2022 in Middelburg

Through contributions from keynote speakers and project partners the final CHERISH conference explored the geographical diversity, heritage and cultural values of fishing communities in Europe. Location branding and marketing are important tools to help places realise opportunities associated with their own individual identities.


Now at the end of the project we have shared our findings and lessons learned. 

During the conference there were inspiring and engaging activities including:

  • Discussions between project partners, stakeholders and regional policy makers
  • Opportunities to meet the project partners from the participating EU-countries and find out what they have learned, their testimonials and best practices
  • Discovering new ways to make positive differences for fishing communities and the regions
  • Exploring how national and regional policy can make new product market products based on regional maritime cultural identity
  • Understanding how cross-sector innovations enable fishery communities to have a future and create added value for the region

For the presentations, please check here.