Stakeholder visit Viana do Castelo: CHERISH partners Cim Alto Minho and Middelburg discuss in-depth the platform Lugar do Real

On the 17th of May Mr Jack Dooms from the municipality of Middelburg and Mr Adri Verras from the historical shipyard Meerman Arnemuiden visited the good practice lugar-do-real-platform-aldeias-de-mar-project

The project "Aldeias de Mar" of Ao Norte involves the production of a set of audio-visual contents for online viewing, the main objective of which was to disseminate and enhance the social image of fishing activity and professionals of the sector in the “Aldeias do Mar” territory (cities: – Vila Nova de Cerveira, Vila Praia de Âncora, Viana do Castelo, Castelo de Neiva and Esposende).

The project worked with fishermen, their families and people working in the sector and wanted audio-visual content to reflect not a scientifically explanatory discourse, but rather a meeting with people who have a relationship or affinity with the issues addressed. AO Norte invested a lot time in the relationship with the fishermen, before making film. In that way they gained confidence and explain beforehand what the purpose of Ao Norte and Aldeias do Mar is. From the explanation of AO Norte it became clear that making the cultural heritage accessible for a general public the spread and thus survival of the cultural heritage is vital. It is especially crucial for the intangible cultural heritage, because almost always dependent on the stories of people from the fishing communities: if not put into images/film and/or audio it will disappear as older generations pass away. Documenting it will not only guarantee access in future, but also can inspire new generations.

 The Good Practice of the Aldeias do Mar project “the audio-visual platform Aldeias do Mar” inspired Middelburg to document tangible and intangible cultural fishery heritage and traditions. Together with cultural partners and the creative industry the initiative has been taken in Zeeland to collect and document the history, the traditions of the fishing communities as well audio visual material and to tell the story. So tangible and intangible cultural maritime heritage is safeguarded for the future and can be used for tourism promotion purposes. Above initiative forms the basis for the development of the digital maritime portal as developed by the municipality of Middelburg.