Dreaming of a low-carbon future? 

The Joint Final Conference of the e-smartec and MOBI-MIX project is here to talk about this dream, only to make it real.

On 23 and 24 November, join us in Brussels, Belgium (Comet Meetings - Louise), or from the comfort of your home (live-stream will be available) to discuss the many faces of sustainable mobility: from co-creation and engagement processes using the innovative tools of marketing throughout planning, to the flawless implementation of innovative shared mobility and MaaS solutions, no stone will be left unturned.


The team of Interreg Europe's e-smartec - enhanced sustainable mobility with marketing techniques - and Interreg 2 Seas' MOBI-MIX - Improved implementation of shared mobility and MaaS to increase up-take of low-carbon transport in cities –  will present what has been achieved by both projects with the support from their respective funding schemes.

The event will help forge long-lasting collaborations – ones that will survive the projects’ lifetimes – between transport players working for sustainable mobility in European cities and regions, and, last but not least, it will foster the exchange of knowledge to successfully reach a low-carbon future for all.

Why attend?

  • Explore the different sides of sustainable urban mobility and understand the importance of the behavioural shift needed for the success of shared mobility;
  • Understand how engaging cities, research institutions, local authorities and mobility providers is key to the behavioural shift in sustainable mobility goals;
  • Gain insight into how cities across Europe are improving sustainable mobility.

Who should attend?

  • Urban planners
  • Local authorities (cities)
  • Regional & national authorities
  • Businesses, SMEs, innovators, larger enterprises
  • Researchers
  • Transport planners

Check our agenda

You can look at our agenda here.


The e-smartec + MOBI-MIX Joint Final Conference takes place at Comet Meetings – Louise, a fantastic venue near the European Quarter.

To view transport connections to the venue, please check our map: www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/edit.