In April, Livorno and its citizens got a unique opportunity to the latest public transport technology when CTT nord, a local public transport company in north-western Tuscany presented the Chinese manufacturer BYD‘s full electric urban bus for a few days of road tests.

The tests will be carried out with different types of cargo to simulate the different conditions on board. The buses will take the usual public transport routes in Livorno.

Green energy for your mobility

BYD's new e-bus has fully electric traction and it opens the way for zero-impact e-mobility for the city: it travels without producing any emissions and practically no noise.

With its 12 meters lenght it has a maximum seating capacity of 31 passengers, maintaining a high level of comfort on board. The e-bus is equipped with two 150 kW/h batteries that are positioned on the roof of the vehicle thus ensuring the passenger compartment ample space and loading opportunities.

The Sustainable Future, the way to the city of tomorrow

CTT Nord took the opportunity of using the new bus model K9 to start a debate about the urban mobility in the future.

The company involved the new generations by organizing a distance learning session with mechanics specialized classes of the Orlando Institute, and a electrotechnology specialized class of the ITI Galilei of Livorno. The CTT Nord and BYD technicians revealed the secrets of the new e-bus and answered the students’ questions.

Supporting the change

The opportunity raises many statement supporting the electric transport. The President of CTT Nord Filippo Di Rocca explains that the near future speaks of electric mobility and that the company wants to practice it in the near future.

“We hope to soon see zero impact buses similar to the one we are going to test in regular service through the streets of Livorno”, sais the Councilor for the Environment and Mobility Giovanna Cepparello. According to her, due to the participation in the National Strategic Plan for Sustainable Mobility, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport has allocated to the municipality of Livorno more than 16 million euros for the purchase of electric buses.

The Head of the Transport Office of the Province of Livorno, Irene Nicotra, mentions the eBussed project where the Province of Livorno is a partner and CTT Nord is one of the main stakeholders. The company is working with the provincial administration to evaluate the quality of these electric buses; analyzes which are then used to prepare the calls for tender.

The Province of Livorno is the leader of the associated management throughout the territory for road mobility, therefore not only for the city.

This story is based on the Livorno Press’ article Presentato a Livorno il primo bus 100% elettrico. Comune e Ctt insieme per testarlo  published on 20 April 2021. The original article is available here.