The eBussed Action Plan for Gozo has two main actions:

  • Action 1 – Updating the Gozo Regional Development Strategy 2021–2030
  • Action 2 – Initiating the e-bus transition in Gozo

There has been progress on both actions in phase 2.

Regarding Action 1, the policy owner accepted the action plan and reviewed the current version of the policy. One of the important steps before drafting the policy change was consultation with the main stakeholders (the transport authority, the transport operator, and Ministry for Gozo). Once the updated policy was drafted, it was sent to the cabinet for approval. Currently, it is still awaiting political clearance. This is the last step before the updated Gozo Regional Development Strategy can be published.

For Action 2, a lot of progress was done. After discussions with the transport operator, it was agreed that, as proposed in the eBussed action plan, the new e-bus will operate on route 301 connecting the Mgarr ferry port with the capital of Gozo, Victoria. The route was chosen since it is very popular among the Gozitans, Maltese travelling to Gozo for vacation and tourists. Therefore, the local community is getting the opportunity to travel on electric buses, and the main outcomes of this action are:

  • promotion of e-mobility among the passengers;
  • the operator is offered experience in the operation of e-buses on the existing routes in Gozo;
  • commence implementation of the new policy recommendation described in Action 1.

For this action, progress was done faster than the Action Plan timeframe suggested. Once the e-bus was brought to Gozo, a brief testing period was carried out prior to operating with passengers onboard. Below is a table showing the total number of kilometres travelled, and the total number of passengers per month since the start of the e-bus operation on Route 301.

MonthTotal kilometres travelledTotal no. of passengers
Total to date25494.1965402