In 2022 in line with Action 2 of the eBussed Action Plan for Gozo, Malta Public Transport, the transport operator in the Maltese islands, incorporated an electric bus into its bus fleet operating on the island of Gozo. As part of their commitment to sustainability and reducing carbon emissions, the company has taken significant steps towards promoting greener transportation options. Furthermore, in recent months, an additional three electric buses have been introduced, replacing their diesel counterparts. As a result, the current bus fleet in Gozo consists of 21 Otokar Vectio C 9 m buses running on Euro 6 diesel and four King Long 12 m buses.

The electric buses operating in Gozo are a modern and eco-friendly alternative to traditional diesel-powered buses. These buses produce zero tailpipe emissions, significantly reducing air and noise pollution, making them an ideal choice for the island's delicate environment.

The introduction of electric buses in Gozo represents a significant milestone in the efforts to create a more sustainable and environmentally friendly public transportation system. By transitioning to electric buses, greenhouse gas emissions are actively reduced, and the overall air quality is improved. This initiative aligns with Malta's commitment to climate neutrality, mainly:

  • National Transport Strategy 2050 of the Maltese islands which states that the target is to shift away from conventionally fuelled cars by 50% by 2030 and a complete phase out by 2050.
  • Cities Mission – Gozo was accepted as one of the 100 European cities that will be participating in a mission to become climate-neutral by 2030.