On 10 June 2021, CTT Nord presented the Iveco E-way fully-electric, 12-meter, 100% electric city bus, that for a few days will parade through the streets of the city, for a series of tests on the road.

The bus will travel without producing any emissions and practically no noise (click on the link at the bottom of the article to consult and download the datasheet).

This is the second opportunity for the city to have an electric vehicle available for testing," says Filippo Di Rocca, president of CTT Nord. "We need to start seeing these vehicles around our city, and the routes the LAMs take are perfect for these tests: previous experience has already shown that a full battery charge can cover the entire daily route, which was unthinkable a few years ago. Of course, a cultural change is also needed: we need to be convinced to abandon our cars more and more often."

The municipal administration, led by Mayor Luca Salvetti, is also taking part in the initiative. "Being able to focus on vehicles of this type is one of the first effects of the Urban Plan for Sustainable Mobility PUMS,” the first citizen explains. “Thanks to the adoption of these measures, specific funding has arrived. We have the possibility to apply for funding of about 13 million and 600 thousand euros - echoes the Councillor for Mobility, Giovanna Cepparello - These resources will allow in the next ten years to aim at these results. We need to focus on electric vehicles that travel on protected lanes so as to build rapid transit routes similar to those of the tramway and that offer passengers certain travel times without noise and environmental pollution; this will allow us to start building rapid transit routes in the near future".


The Iveco E-Way has 24 seats and 45 standing places. The interior can be equipped with state-of-the-art technology. The provincial strategies will invest more and more in urban areas," said Irene Nicotra, head of Livorno Province's Transport Department. "It is essential to reduce pollution in city centres because of their high population density. Of course, the study must be carried out on all aspects: it is important to assess both the environmental and ecological aspects as well as the economic ones".

"The initiative is a significant development in the promotion of electric transport," Nicotra continues, "both by public bodies and private operators in our area. The Province of Livorno is, in fact, a partner in a European cooperation project eBussed, financed in 2019 by the Interreg Europe Programme, which aims to encourage the creation of competitive and sustainable public transport systems through the use of low-emission or electric and/or hybrid vehicles. A project that has already anticipated and now fully implements the themes and strategies of European programmes, including the Green Deal, and of the national PNRR. The eBussed project involves a large European partnership comprising the Turku University of Applied Sciences, Finland, as the lead partner and  Germany, Malta, Hungary, the Netherlands and Italy, represented by the Province of Livorno. In this context, a special survey was carried out by interviewing drivers and residents on the subject of innovative transport such as electric vehicles, the results of which will be presented shortly. The Province of Livorno - concludes the head of the Transport Department of the Province - will also draw up, within the framework of the eBussed project, an Action Plan for an increasing introduction of electric buses on the basis of the technological and governance practices and experiences acquired from the other partners, some of them being engaged in very advanced initiatives in this regard (just think of the cities of Hamburg and Utrecht). The Action Plan will be finalised in mid-2022 and start to be implemented and monitored the following year. These initiatives will also be of useful help to the provincial PUMS, which will be drafted soon".


"Iveco Bus has always been a partner of Livorno and Ctt," explains Tiziano Dotti, Italy Public Sales Manager for Iveco Bus, "accompanying and supporting customers in the supply of vehicles, assistance and the design and sizing of lines, depots and power networks. The latest generation of technological systems and the vehicle's quiet operation help to make it suitable for any type of urban environment. One of the priorities of this vehicle is in fact to promote and encourage the spread of electric vehicles, also thanks to the circulation of the vehicle on-road tests. With the Iveco E-Way, local public transport goes green".

Photos by Lorenzo Amore Bianco

The original article Ctt Nord presenta il nuovo bus elettrico E-Way by Giulia Bellaveglia was published on 10 June 2021 in QuiLivorno.

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