EMPOWER (More carbon reduction by dynamically monitoring energy efficiency) is continuing with works on the exchange of good practices on dynamically monitoring energy efficiency in buildings, in order to achieve more carbon reduction and to improve low-carbon economy policies and the identification of energy monitoring, smart technology and behaviour change initiatives good practices to identify and reduce energy poverty.

At the end of the year 2021 the two Peer Reviews events was organized online. The first one was organized on Energy Monitoring from a Swedish partner, Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden and the second one on Energy Poverty from Irish partner, Southern Regional Assembly. On both of the events a lot of good practices was presented. Participants had the opportunity to learn more from each other, to exchange their knowledge and ideas on Energy Monitoring and Energy Poverty.
At the end all participants have also rated all presented practices.

Based on these events a Register of Good practices will be prepared. First draft of good practices register will be used for the technical workshops. Each partner will find a good practice where they can learn and experience. In the next stage the identified practices will be evaluated from the perspective of ˝good practice˝ considering their actuality, innovativeness, transferability, and impact on environment and citizens´ behaviour.