High-level Dissemination Event - Regional Session, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna - SSSA, Pisa, Italy, 15th September 2020

On September 15th, SSSA has organized the Interreg Europe ENHANCE Regional Dissemination Event to share with its main stakeholders the activity and the results of ENHANCE Towards EMAS Action Plan. In this occasion, apart from the presentation of results obtained since now (Fabio Iannone, SSSA and Nadia Galluzzo, Liguria Region), SSSA joined the opportunity to increase the awareness of stakeholders about several related aspects of ENHANCE.

Presentations were on: Environmental Certifications and their role in supporting Circular Economy and Green Deal (Luca Marrucci, SSSA) and the State of the art GPP in Italy (Simone Ricotta, ARPA Toscana). These two speeches were appreciated by the audience because GPP is a topic that is increasing its attention by both policymakers and companies and Environmental Certifications are a tool that can boost both Circular Economy and Green Deal EU policies and, indeed, the field of sustainability in companies and PAs, in which EMAS finds its natural place.

Around 30 people were connected during the event and more were pre-registered. This network will help SSSA and Liguria Region to go on with their collaboration forwarding ENHANCE deadline. Nevertheless, by the end of the project, an online event will be organized to train public officers. That will be the occasion also to have a follow-up in respect to the analysis done with the initial survey and the interviews carried out during 2018 with them and some activities are foreseen also for Action n.5, about IED directives facilities.

The presentations of the HLDE are available in the Library of the ENHANCE project's website, in which we can also find all the information on the project and the documentation it has generated,