ENHANCE project partners meet again for the second workshop of the additional activities of ENHANCE project.

The workshop was organized by the Stockholm Environment Institute Tallinn Centre with the support of the partners, Ministry of Climate Action, Food and Rural Agenda from Catalonia, Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies-SSSA from Italy and the Environment Agency Austria. The workshop was held on 13 June in a hybrid format, face-to-face in Tallinn and online through Microsoft TEAMS platform.

The thematic of the workshop has been “EMAS as a tool to enhance resilience against crisis” and how EMAS is being integrated and can contribute to the improvement of the regional policy instruments addressed by ENHANCE project.

Workshop was structured in the following sections:

- Understanding the COVID impact on EMAS Scheme.

- How has EMAS scheme been taken into account in the Regional Policy Instruments in response of the COVID crisis.

- From one crisis to another - Facing the energy crisis with the help of EMAS. Are the EMAS companies more prepared?

The workshop was welcomed by Mr. Kaupo Heinma, Deputy Secretary General from Ministry of the Environment, and was attended by a representative of the Estonia Ministry of the Environment, responsible for the regional policy instruments addressed by the project of Catalonia, Italy and Austria, EMAS-registered organizations and EMAS Competent Bodies.

The presentations of the workshop are available in the Library of the ENHANCE project's website, in which we can also find all the information on the project and the documentation it has generated.