Interview with the Responsible for Roadmap on Circular Economy in Catalonia in the framework of the additional activities of ENHANCE project

On 16th March 2022, the Directorate-General for Environmental Policy and the Natural Environment, responsible for the Roadmap on Circular Economy in Catalonia, and the Directorate-General for Environmental Quality and Climate Change, leader of the ENHANCE project and responsible for EMAS registration in Catalonia, held the 1st meeting to jointly work on the identification of synergies and potentialities of EMAS Scheme as an Environmental Governance model to move towards a Circular Economy model. Derived from the COVID crisis, several proposals to improve the positioning of EMAS in the Roadmap on Circular Economy have been shared and exchanged. Both DG will continue to work in line with the enhancing EMAS as a tool for Circular Economy in Catalonia.