Ceeic was present at the prestigious Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform event  "Rethinking local policies - spaces for entrepreneurship." An event to which only European organizations that participate or have participated in Interreg Europe projects have access. It was held on May 31 and June 1, in the city of Ghent (Belgium).

When entrepreneurship and economic development find well their place in an urban integrated approach, great ecosystems can emerge. Therefore, the objective was to share experiences and methodologies learned in these 4 years of work, to update the new challenges in common territory with the various actors that make up the ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship in Europe, but above all to be in direct contact with the secretariat of the program interacting with members of the "Policy Learning Platform".

These actions are framed in line with the new strategy 'Connected to Europe' recently published by the Instituto de Fomento de la Región de Murcia, to optimize synergies between companies, research organizations and universities with European value chains, undoubtedly a clear message to make +EUROPA.

From Ceeic is key, continue to diversify internationally business development programs as it is considered essential to implement a global strategy for any modern instrument that aspires to be a regional reference for entrepreneurship and innovation.

About the Rethinking local policies: Spaces for entrepreneurship workshop

The workshop provided inspiration and good examples of FabLabs and Makerspaces, but equally engaged participants in a debate on how to 'build a start-up city' (starting with concrete examples from Tartu, Amsterdam and Szombathely).

The overall event experience was enriched with a study visit to the local Timelab, a recent initiative in Ghent, a workplace for art, technology and society. Timelab consists of a FabLab, an artists-in-residence programme, social research and get-togethers where artists, experts and other interested parties can meet, exchange ideas and find inspiration.

The workshop concept and overall moderation were ensured by Rene Tõnnisson and Mart Veliste, Policy Learning Platform thematic experts.

To Download the Interreg Europe Content from the Workshop (Click Here)