The Upper Austrian action plan, was inspired by a study visit to Reggiane Innovation Park. It has two key components / actions:

  1. Action 1: Awareness – Brachen im Bild
  2. Action 2: Support – Re-Use Guide

Action 1: Awareness – Brachen im Bild

This action focuses on the power of understanding a location's history to motivate support for brownfield reuse. The process behind was to initiate the #upperREGION award 2023 - Award for Sustainable Location Development in Upper Austria. #upperREGION Award serves as an important source of inspiration and the winning projects should trigger people to imitate them. The awarding event took place on 2nd of May, 23. 36 projects applied for the #upperREGION Award 2023 – case studies/success stories of sustainable site development for the conservation of our soil resources. The five award-winners got pictures from their projects and monetary incentives.

Action 2: Support – Re-Use Guide

A re-use guide was created for guiding potential partners if they are interested to refurbish a brownfield. The re-use guide offers valuable insights into starting and navigating revitalization projects, guiding partners through each milestone to successful completion.

The winners of the #upperREGION Award 2023 are pictured at the top of this article - from left: Architect Klaus Hagenauer (Post. Station Ottensheim), Reinhold Feizlmayr (Gasthof zur Post), Gerlinde Strasser (Seminarhaus BRÄU), Martin Voggenberger (Mayor of Munderfing), Economic and Regional Planning Provincial Councillor Markus Achleitner, master builder Ernst Tiefenthaler (general renovation object Stadtplatz 34 Braunau), Wels City Councillor Martin Oberndorfer, Alexander Wienerroither (HYPO Upper Austria), Horst Irsiegler (WAG Wohnungsanlagen GmbH), Markus Brandstetter (Managing Director Regionalmanagement OÖ), Werner Pamminger (Managing Director Business Upper Austria), Ferdinand Rettensteiner (Genial-Regional-Gaflenztal eGen)

For a copy of the re-use guide or further information please contact the Upper Austrian Partner Business Upper Austria.