Lithuanian Innovation Centre in collaboration with regional stakeholders, is proud to announce the call for the applicant which wants to contribute to the Industry 4.0 Lab, a pioneering initiative aimed at integrating the manufacturing industry into digital and green value chains. This strategic move of Lithuanian Innovation Ecosystem is a significant step forward in advocating for SMEs' digitalization and green innovation while also enhancing their competitiveness in international value chains.

This new initiative was inspired by best practices from Oldham municipality, MTU, Emilia-Romagna, and Biz-Up, Lithuanian Innovation Centre has actively contributed to the development of this new measure promoting the implementation of digital and green technologies in the manufacturing sector. This measure emphasizes the maintenance and growth of the digital circular economy ecosystem.

The Industry 4.0 Lab is envisioned as a catalyst for change, advocating for significant policy and resources towards SME digitalization and innovation functions within the Regional Recovery and Resilience Programme (RRP). LIC recognizes the pivotal role that the RRP can play in bolstering regional resilience through digitalization, green transformation, and global value chain integration.

Central to this endeavor is a focus on leveraging the existing skills and expertise within SMEs, startups, and academia. The primary goal is to empower Lithuanian companies, particularly SMEs, to embrace digitalization, sustainable development, and seamless integration into global value chains through an accessible approach, by providing companies with various support measures and services while guiding SMEs on their transformative journey:

  • Accelerating Investment: Facilitating efficient aid utilization for the development and implementation of advanced technologies in traditional production systems, especially among Lithuanian SMEs.
  • Skill Development: Increasing the number of employees with the skills needed for advanced manufacturing in today's productive environment.
  • Awareness Creation: Enabling companies to recognize the potential of advanced manufacturing technologies in their production and management systems.
  • Tailor-Made Guidance: Offering advice, guidance, and testing for low-threshold digitalization and green transformation, including data-driven technologies, and harnessing government data for product development.