A month ago, the Hungarian cloth factory, Styl in Szombathely began to sewing masks. This proved so successful for them that, while several other local businesses were on the brink of bankruptcy, they were able to retain all their employees and even increase capacity. They are able to produce 20.000 pieces per day at this moment what are immediately sold primarily for municipalities and to donate to hospitals. The masks are made of washable, disinfectable textile and they are starting to develop air filter masks in the next days.

According to the director of Styl it appeared that there will be problems with deliveries, raw materials were delayed or their arrival become uncertain. When setting the price the goal was to be able to maintain the factory. State and municipal institutions have ordered such a quantity, that besides the current capacity of the factory additional 19 external sewing partners had to begin the mask production for Styl. The nationwide logistics was organised within 2 weeks. The factory can currently produce more than 20,000 masks a day, which is already closer to the demand, but there could still be much more to sell. Demands come mainly from the local governments and they order the same number as the population of the settlements, which e.g. In the case of Szombathely 70,000 pcs. But the smaller settlements here in Vas county want also 3-5 thousand pieces. There isn’t any stock now, the completed products are immediately delivered. 


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