A group of twelve cooperatives of the Legacoop system joined their efforts to start the production of 400,000 washable masks for the contrast and containment of the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

The initiative, which is financially supported by Coopfond, the Legacoop Promotion Fund, sees the CSC Cooperativa of San Cesario sul Panaro (Modena) and the Coop sociale Progetto Quid of Verona as the leaders. The project has been activated to respond in a concrete and collaborative way to the health emergency in Italy, which finds in the lack of masks one of the main critical factors in contrasting the spread of the epidemic.

The masks in production will be made of cotton and equipped with a double mechanism with, on the one hand, a non-migrant and mechanically-acting antimicrobial treatment, which acts by mechanically perforating the cellular part of the microorganism, and on the other hand, a waterproof treatment, therefore anti-drip, which guarantees the waterproofing of the fabric and blocks the passage of drops or salivation from the user to the environment and vice versa.

The type of fabric used provides for up to 100 mask washes with evident savings in supplies by companies and costs in the medium-long term.